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Benefits of Offset Printing

There are several benefits to printing with a traditional offset press as opposed to a newer digital machine. Offset printing uses combinations of ink to create a whole spectrum of colors. There are two processes of doing this – CMYK printing uses combinations of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (Key) to create virtually any color. PMS (Pantone Matching System) printing on the other hand premixes the ink to create exact colors that can be duplicated from run to run.

Printing on a press can also be more cost efficient too for longer runs. There is often a larger setup cost involved with this type of printing. Therefore, the more pieces that are printed, the more distributed the cost is between the pieces.


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Quality Checkpoints

33 Quality Checkpoints: Follow the Life Cycle of your order

20170402 Prepress Icon - Quality Check Points Pre Press Department: 15 Checkpoints

From our file prep checks to imposition, we do everything we can to guarantee that your pieces are printed accurately and professionally.

  1. Resolution Review
  2. Size Verification
  3. Bleed Verification
  4. Safety Zone Review
  5. Human verification of artwork matching the order specs
  6. Color mode review, including an evaluation for major color shift
  7. Check for white overprint
  8. For orders requiring post-press work; verify scores, die-cuts, folding and mailing clearance
  9. Preflight press ready files and final human inspection
  10. Electronic verification of the files submitted to next work area
  11. Electronic preflight checks: fonts, vector images, raster images, resolution, and color modes
  12. InRip trapping for optimal print registration
  13. Human verified order specifications
  14. Human inspected order output
  15. Human inspected order plating process


20170402 Press Cutting Bindery Icon - Quality Check PointsPress, Cutting & Bindery: 10 Checkpoints

Quality continues all the way through the production process. From our state of the art printing press to human inspection of your piece at every point during printing.

  1. Closed Loop Color to automatically achieve and maintain the correct color levels
  2. Strict procedures and guidelines that define and control the printing process to save time and money
  3. Constant inspection of the printed product during the make-ready and run process for consistent quality and pinpoint errors
  4. Color Density
    1. Examine the printed sheet for proper density of all four colors
    2. Check for proper trapping of the inks
    3. Confirm that color breaks are correct
    4. Check color match consistency on multiple up elements
    5. Compare illustrations of print to originals supplied for color fidelity if applicable
  5. Registration
    1. Check each color image and screen build element for internal register
    2. Check the sheet for correct backup of images, cuts, scores, etc.
    3. Verify that bleeds extend beyond the trim marks and insure that no words or pictures are being cut off
  6. Stock
    1. Verify the paper stock is what is requested in weight, color and brightness
  7. Overall impression
    1. Inspect the entire press sheet, looking at the pictures, type, screens to make sure they are consistent
    2. Compare all copy on the sheet to the blueline
    3. Verify that the correct quantities are being run
    4. Check for missing elements and copy changes if applicable
    5. Check type carefully for broken letters and imperfections
    6. Examine sheets for hickeys, blemishes, pinholes, mottling, or ghosting and anything unusual
  8. Verify all cards are cut accurately and in a square format
  9. Verify final size and bleed is trimmed off
  10. Human inspection to ensure consistent quality and help prevent errors
    1. Equipment preventive and predictive maintenance programs to maintain quality and to prevent late deliveries due to unscheduled downtime


20170402 Quality Shipping Icon - Quality Check PointsQuality Assurance & Shipping: 8 Checkpoints

Our final quality inspection on all products and accurate packaging is all part of making sure your product is up to our standards and ships on time.

  1. Quality checkpoints at every stage in production performed by trained Quality Assurance Specialists to ensure satisfaction
  2. Final product is inspected prior to leaving our facility. If an issue is detected they are fixed before the order ships to ensure customer satisfaction and a timely delivery
  3. Constant improvement in processes and solutions to prevent the same issues from reoccurring
  4. Human inspection on all printed pieces for any product
  5. Boxes designed to fit specific quantities for optimal delivery
  6. Electronic verification of delivery address and ship mode
  7. Sign off required by a shipping clerk for every job to ensure customer satisfaction
  8. Department works 24 hours to ensure on-time shipping. Shipping systems are integrated with our databases to provide real time tracking numbers to let our customers know when their order ships


20170402 Order Done Icon - Quality Check PointsYour Order is Done: Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our products and our service. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product, let us know and we will work with you to make it right.

Premium Business Card Printing

Why Premium Business Cards

Business Cards are essential to your business marketing and networking efforts so why settle for a Standard Business Card? Go above and beyond to impress that employer, client, or potential business partner. Provide your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Social Media Links, and Logo on one of the following Premium Cardstocks:

32pt Painted Edge Cards

Give yourself an edge over the competition with Painted Edge Business Cards. This card is an ultra-thick cardstock with enough room on the edge for to visibly see a color accent. We offer a variety of eye-catching colors to draw people’s attention while making a bold statement about you and your brand.

16pt Silk Laminated Cards

Silk Laminated Cards are incredibly smooth and offer a professional semi-gloss finished look. At 16pt, these cards are thick and sturdy. Your customers will be impressed by the quality and the cards will be a positive reflection of you.

An added feature that could enhance your cards even further is Spot UV coating to give certain aspects of your cards an additional shine.

16pt Suede with Velvet Lamination Cards

Our high-quality Suede Cards are the peak of soft-touch quality. Coated with a velvet lamination, they maintain their bright white appearance while having an extra smooth touch. These cards are printed on 16pt Suede Stock with Velvet Lamination applied to both sides bringing the cards to 19pt with protection from scratches and scuffs.

14pt Metallic Pearl Cards

These cards have a unique silver shine that adds elegance to your card. The stock itself adds to the design of the card with its Metallic Pearl color. These cards would be perfect for anyone looking to add a shimmer and metallic look to their Business Cards.

15mil Synthetic Cards

If you are looking for a high-quality and extremely durable Business Card, then a Synthetic Card might be just what you need. Synthetic Paper is a plastic-based material that is waterproof, tear proof, and heat resistant. These Business Cards are not only Weather Proof, but images and text look crystal clear on the plastic card.

Overnight Printing Premium Business Card Printing Difference

  • Each project is assigned to your own print professional who will see your premium business card printing through from proofing to shipping.
  • With over 40 years of experience, we know a thing or two about ensuring we exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Since we are customer service experts we can work with you to make sure your ideal premium business card project comes to life the exact way you would like.
  • Free ground shipping is included on all orders within the contiguous United States
  • With our state of the art facility, we are able to complete most jobs in 5-7 business days from proof approval. (Ask your sales rep for production time on your order)
overnight printing 09 1024x683 - Quality Check Points

How We Solve Problem

Offset Booklets

Offset Professional Quality Booklets can be the perfect tool for your next marketing campaign. Show off your company’s key features in a full color with a saddle stitched, spiral bound, or perfect bound booklet.

Presentation Folders

Offset Printed Presentation Folders allow you to print in full color on all parts of the folder, including the pockets. Business card, CD and USB slits can be added to the pockets as well.

Offset Business Cards

CMYK and Spot OP Business Cards are a great way to stand out among your competitors. Get consistent color matching between runs with exact coated, uncoated and metallic OP colors.

Custom Calendars

Custom Calendars are a great tool for fundraising and marketing. Offset printed calendars will display your custom photographs beautifully and will be seen everyday.

Offset Brochures

Brochures are a go-to marketing tool not only for businesses but also for nonprofits and charities. Share information about your cause, movement or university.


High Quantities of postcards can be printed offset for bulk discounts and amazing quality. Quick turnaround with mailing services available.

Offset Letterhead

Professional letterhead printed on our offset press will keep your OP colors consistent every time you order. No need to worry about your appearance changing every few months due to inconsistent printing.

NCR Forms

Spot Color NCR Form printing ensures that your forms look the same everytime you order. We can print custom size and sheet counts, as well as manifold NCR Books with numbering and perfing.

Bookmark Printing

Large quantities of Bookmarks can be produced through offset printing for remarkable quality. Finishing options include lamination, UV coating, round corners, and tassels.

Greeting Cards

Christmas, Holiday and Thank you cards are a great way to spread cheer. Print any custom size and either flat or folded cards. Your custom cards come with matching envelopes as well.

Event Tickets

Create a beautiful event ticket for your next conference, expo or meeting. Custom sizes and shapes with full color printing will get people excited for your event.

Offset Notepads

Print your company or personal notepads in CMYK or Spot color offset printing. Custom sizes and any sheet count, edge glued with a chipboard backer.

Traditional Offset Printing: CMYK and Spot Pantone Colors

Although our company keeps up with the latest technologies in Digital Printing, we have maintained traditions and quality of classic offset printing.  This method of printing has an unmatched quality and produces flat printing that does not have a shine that is given off from Digital toner. Offset Printing on glossy paper can also produce rich and vibrant colors with added UV coating to make your images pop. Need more precise and persistent colors? We offer a full range of Pantone Matching System Colors to get exact color matches for your business cards, envelopes, labels and more.

overnight printing 13 1024x597 - Quality Check Points